Wait List

This information is intended to help future residents and their families understand how the wait list operates and how to proceed with a housing decision.

Housing at TAMU-CC is assigned on a first come, first served, space available basis.  Students are not required to live on campus.  Although over 2,800 students can live on-campus, it is not uncommon for a wait list to develop late in the spring semester for the upcoming fall semester. 

The information below is applicable for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 academic year.

For up to date information about wait list status, please contact the community that you applied to or are interested in living at.


What should I do if I haven’t applied yet or am on the wait list right now?

If you haven’t applied, go ahead and do so.  Don’t wait too long – conditions could change and it is better to be higher on the wait list just in case there is a sudden surge of applications. 

If you are on the wait list, hang tight.  We recently evaluated current and historical data and we believe that we will be able to offer a room to all students who wish to live at either of our communities.  You might not get your first or second floor plan preference, though.  Become familiar with the floor plans and rates so you can determine which ones fit in your budget.


Factors affecting the wait list

  1. Payment deadlines – the August rent payment is due August 1.  If a student has decided not to attend TAMU-CC but has not cancelled their lease, this often encourages them to do so.  At Momentum Village, there is also a financial incentive to cancel a lease more than 30 days prior to Move-In Day. 
  1. Gender. There are separate wait lists for females and males and lists move according to which gender cancels a room.  If a single occupancy room becomes available, the student with the earliest wait list date will be offered the room.


Overflow Housing

Overflow housing is available at Miramar in Marina and Laguna Halls, residence hall buildings with suite floor plans (two bedrooms separated by a bathroom in the middle).  Normally, these bedrooms only house one student.  In overflow, one of the bedrooms houses two students while the other bedroom continues to house one student. 

Overflow rooms will be offered to those who are on the wait list beginning in mid-June.

Here’s more about the overflow suites:

  1. In the shared bedroom, there is a trundle bed, which means there is a pull-out bed under the traditional bed. 
  2. Each student has their own closet in the bedroom.
  3. Each bedroom has a sink, countertop, and mirror.  
  4. Three students share one shower and toilet.  
  5. The two students sharing a bedroom get a discount on rent while sharing.
  6. It is possible for residents to remain in an overflow room for a few weeks or for most of the semester.  That’s hard to determine until the first week of school and even then, all we can do is give our best estimate.  We have always been able to move students into a permanent room by mid-December.