Safety & Security

While nobody can promise safety, Islander Housing takes safety seriously by providing secure residential facilities and having professional and student housing staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Additionally, the University Police Department conducts regular patrols of residential areas.

The most important piece of the safety puzzle is our residents. They are essential to keep residential areas safe and secure for themselves and others.  Students are encouraged to be proactive about their safety by locking room doors and windows, ensuring building entry doors close properly, reporting any malfunctioning doors or windows, locking their cars, securing bicycles properly, and watching out for one another.  Malfunctioning or broken windows and doors must be reported by submitting a maintenance request through the resident’s housing portal or by emailing the appropriate community at either or

Additionally, any suspected or known criminal activity must be reported to the University Police Department at 361.825.4444 or by filing a report at  Urgent safety or criminal concerns should always be called in immediately to UPD.