Payment Options

Residents have three options to pay for their housing expenses.  Housing costs are billed by and paid directly to either Miramar or Momentum Village.  It is not added to a residents’ SAIL (tuition) account.  

Monthly payments

Most residents take advantage of our monthly payment plan.  We have averaged the cost of housing into equal monthly payments- Miramar is 10 payments and Momentum Village is 12 payments.  There is no additional fee or paperwork necessary to utilize the monthly payment option. 

Semesterly payments 

Residents can make a lump sum payment for their housing a semester at a time.  Check the first page of your lease to add up the cost for the semester.

Financial Aid

Residents who wish to use their financial assistance to pay for housing must first complete the Housing Payment Option (HPO) Request form.  This form is completed online AFTER the housing lease is signed by both the student and guarantor. 

Completing the form tells the housing provider and TAMU-CC that a student expects to have enough financial assistance funds to cover at least $200 of their housing and the student wants TAMU-CC to pay the funds directly to Miramar or Momentum Village.

The process has several steps.  The first few steps may change order, depending on when a student applies for housing and financial assistance.  Please click here for a PDF version of the steps.

hpo process descriptionHelpful Information and Links

HPO Decision Email will come from and will only be sent to an Islander email account.

  • If denied, the student should login to their SAIL account and click on the Financial Aid tab to see if a reason is listed.  Sometimes, a student is simply missing a signed form or needs to complete the online Entrance Loan Counseling course.  If not, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for more information.  Islander Housing staff do not have access to financial assistance records and cannot determine why the request was denied.  When a denial occurs, the student must contact their housing community directly to make first payment arrangements.

Financial Assistance provides these instructions to accept your award(s) and these steps to guarantee the loan for students and parents.    

**Summer housing and financial aid – residents must be enrolled in summer classes in order to be eligible for summer financial aid. Summer financial aid awards are often less than what is offered for the fall and spring semesters and may not be enough to pay for housing.  Students planning to live on-campus during the summer who need financial aid to cover the cost are strongly encouraged to verify what aid will be available to them through Financial Assistance.

College Savings Plans

Students who plan to pay for their housing with a college savings plan, such as a 529 Plan, should contact their plan administrator for instructions on how to access those funds.  Some plans reimburse housing expenses after the family has paid and others will directly pay Miramar or Momentum Village when verification of cost is sent.  Often, students/parents can submit a copy of the resident lease to their plan administrator for cost verification because the first page includes the resident's name and the payment amount due each month.  If the plan administrator requests an invoice, the student can request one by emailing their housing community.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans benefits may be used to cover on-campus housing expenses.  The processing time for veteran's benefits can be long, so plan accordingly.  Hazelwood Act benefits do not cover housing.  Please contact the Veteran's Office for additional information and support.