Floor Plans & Rates


Miramar, located on the Island Campus, offers 7 different floor plans for residents.  A brief description of each floor plan and the cost is available for future residents to review.  Additionally, Miramar offers amenities to residents such as a recreation center, pool, and outdoor deck overlooking Oso Bay.  Miramar offers 9 month academic year leases (August-May) with the option to sign a summer lease.

Residence Halls

Each residence hall room includes a twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, closet, microwave, and fridge.  All residence halls include a community lounge and kitchen/laundry room on each floor.

  1. Suite Residence Hall – 1 bedroom/1 student - Residents have a bedroom and share a full bathroom with another student. 
  2. Private Residence Hall – 1 bedroom/1 student - Residents have their own bedroom and bathroom.  The space is not shared with another student.
  3. Shared Residence Hall – 1 bedroom/2 students – Residents share one semi-private bedroom with a bathroom.  Each resident has a desk, chair, dresser and closet.


Each apartment has a furnished living room and full kitchen that includes a stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.  Bedrooms are furnished with a twin* bed, desk, and dresser.  Laundry rooms are available at 3 convenient locations.

  1. Four bedroom/two bathroom – Each resident has their own bedroom and shares the bathroom with another person.  Two bathrooms are located on either side of the kitchen. 
  2. Two bedroom/one bathroom - Each resident has their own bedroom and shares the bathroom with their roommate.  The apartment has 1 bathroom.
  3. One bedroom/one bathroom for 2 students – Two residents share a spacious bedroom with 2 closets.  The apartment includes 1 bathroom.
  4. Studio apartment for 1 student – This traditional studio apartment includes a kitchen and bathroom.
*Apartment buildings 8 & 9 feature Twin XL beds.

Miramar 2019-2020 Rates

The costs shown below are for the entire 9 month lease.  Standard Miramar leases begin either August 20 (residence halls) or August 21 (apartments) and all end on Monday, May 18, 2020.  Miramar residents are required to purchase a meal plan through University Services.  The meal plan cost is separate from the housing cost (it is not included in the costs shown below).  For summer costs and availability, please contact the Miramar Office.    

 Miramar 20192020 rates

Momentum Village

Located on the University's Momentum Campus, Momentum Village has 3 floor plans available.  Each apartment has a full kitchen that includes a stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as a furnished living room.  Bedrooms are furnished with a full sized bed, desk, chair, and dresser.  The apartment also includes a washer and dryer.  Momentum Village offers 12 month academic year leases (August-July 31) only.  Students are expected to fulfill their summer payments even if they are not taking summer classes.  Please note that summer time financial aid can only be requested for housing if a student is taking summer classes. 

  1. Four bedroom/four bathroom – Each student has their own bedroom and bathroom.
  2. Two bedroom/two bathroom - Each student has their own bedroom and bathroom.
  3. Four bedroom/four and a half bathroom townhome – This is a 3 story townhome, with the kitchen, living room and a half bathroom on the first floor.  The second and third stories each have 2 bedrooms/bathrooms.  The washer & dryer is located on either the first or third floor.

Momentum Village 2019-2020 Rates

Cost below is for an entire year (August 21, 2019-July 31, 2020). Rates include an electricity cap per apartment/townhome, per month.  Overages will be equally split between current roommates and billed each month, as needed.  Residents are encouraged to conserve electricity use.

 Momentum Village 20192020 rates