Frequently Asked Questions

Living On-Campus

Is living on campus required?

No, students are not required to live on campus.  However, research shows that students who live on campus for at least one year tend to have a higher GPA and graduate on time more so than students who do not live on campus.  Residents are more engaged with University activities and resources, which means they have a more enriching college experience.

Can I select my roommate(s) or a specific room? 

Yes, you can select your roommate(s) and room.  If you want to live with a particular person, both students should apply and select rooms at or close to the same time. Once a student has selected a room, management will not ask a student to change rooms based on roommate preference.

Applicants can also select the exact room they wish to live in, from the options available at the time.

I don’t know anyone coming to TAMU-CC.  How can I find a roommate?

The online housing portal allows housing applicants to search for a roommate(s) based on various factors in the applicant’s housing profile.  Applicants can send/respond to messages to/from potential roommates through the online portal.

Is Islander Housing co-ed?

All residence hall rooms and apartments with shared bathrooms are assigned as single sex units based on gender provided through the University's admission application.   Upon agreement of all residents, apartments with private bathrooms for each resident may be designated as gender inclusive. There are no gender specific buildings or floors, so neighbors may be of any gender. 

What’s included in my rent?

Rent at both Miramar and Momentum Village includes all utilities (electricity*, cable TV, high speed internet, water, trash, and sewer) plus laundry.  Additionally, all rooms are fully furnished.  Each bedroom has a bed, dresser, desk and closet.  Residence halls include a small refrigerator and microwave.  Apartments include a fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator.  Residents also have use of lounges, study spaces, swimming pool, and recreation/multipurpose rooms. Each community has other perks available.  Please visit to learn more.  Meal plan cost is not included in housing cost.

*Each Momentum Village resident has a $30-40 maximum per month on electricity, depending on room type.  Overages will be equally split between all roommates and billed each month, as needed.  Overages can be reduced or avoided by conserving energy usage in the unit, such as adjusting the thermostat during the day/when no one is home, turning off lights, unplugging electronics when not in use, etc.

Are meal plans offered at TAMUCC?

Yes, the University does have meal plans.  Miramar residents are required to purchase a meal plan each year and the type of plan required is based on what type of room you live in (apartment or residence hall).  Momentum Village residents have the option to purchase any of the commuter or residential meal plans, but are not required to purchase a plan.  More information can be found here.  Meal plans are NOT included the housing cost and are added to a residents' SAIL (tuition & fees) account.

Is summer housing available?

Yes, summer housing is available.  Students wishing to live at Miramar during the summer will sign a summer lease, which can be through either June or July.  It may be possible to stay during August as well, but please check with the Miramar Office to determine availability.

Momentum Village's lease ends on July 31 each year, so residents are already set for the summer.  Residents wishing to stay in their room during August must check with the Momentum Village Office in order to determine availability during this time.

Can PSA Students Live On-Campus?

Yes.  PSA students who will only attend TAMU-CC during Fall & Spring should apply only at Miramar because the lease is for Fall and Spring. PSA students who will stay in Corpus Christi during the summer can apply at either Miramar or Momentum Village.  If a PSA student leases a room at Momentum Village, which as a 12 month lease, the lease will not be shortened if the student does not stay during the summer.

Is married or family student housing available?

Married students may live together in a 2 bedroom unit as long as each is an enrolled student.  Each person will have their own bedroom and lease.  Minors who are not enrolled students may not reside on-campus.

Can transfer or graduate students live on-campus?

Absolutely!  Transfer and grad students are welcome to live at either of our communities.  Momentum Village does have a Grad Corner for graduate students, which is an adjoining set of 4 bedroom/4 bath apartments located in a quieter part of the community and adjacent to a study room.   

Off Campus Housing

Does the university have any off-campus apartments?

The university does not manage or support any off-campus apartments.  Several local apartment companies target university students, but they are not affiliated with Islander Housing.  Our two exclusive housing communities are Miramar, located on the Island Campus, and Momentum Village, located on the Momentum Campus.