Employment & Training

TAMU-CC contracts with American Campus Communities to manage the Islander Housing communities and all hiring goes through their corporate office.

Student Employment

Students are hired to work as Resident Assistants (sometimes called Community Assistants at other campuses) at Miramar and Momentum Village.  Visit the ACC Student Employment webpage to apply for RA positions.  The application is only open certain times of the year.

What is an RA?

RAs are current Islander students, undergraduate or graduate, who work to create a safe, healthy, and welcoming residential environment for those that are living in or visiting our communities.  Living throughout our communities, alongside other residents, RAs are available to answer questions about housing or the University, assist roommates in developing positive relationships, plan and host various programs and activities and much more.


  1. Have and maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative TAMU-CC GPA.  If an applicant does not yet have a TAMU-CC GPA, the previous institution’s GPA will be used (i.e. high school or previous college) until the applicant completes one semester at TAMU-CC.

  2. Be in good standing with the Office of Judicial Affairs. 

Students interested in becoming an RA must complete several steps before being considered for employment. 

  1. Complete the Islander Leadership Seminar (ILS) in either the Fall or Spring semester.  The seminar is a free, non-credit class.  For more information, go to the ILS webpage, I-Engage portal or email housing@tamucc.edu

  2. Attend an information session to learn more about the responsibilities and roles of an RA.

  3. Complete an employment application.

  4. If selected, sign up for and attend the interview(s).

Full-Time Employment

American Campus Communities and TAMU-CC staff enjoy a supportive, close relationship.  We highly value the contributions of the ACC staff to our campus community.  If you want to join the team, please search the ACC Property Careers webpage.