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Housing for TAMU-CC Summer Programs

Any TAMU-CC department or program that wishes to host overnight guests must first register their event with the Office of Community Outreach.  Once the event is properly registered, Housing’s Summer Camp Coordinator and the department’s camp coordinator may move forward with arrangements. 

Islander Housing accommodates camps and conferences between June 1 and July 31.  Due to time needed to prepare rooms after May move-out and for August move-in, camp & conference reservations are not accepted outside of these time frames. 

Housing Costs for Summer 2019

Administrative fee: $100 per camp or conference

1 night: $42 per night/per person

2-6 nights: $32 per night/per person

7+ nights: $27 per night/per person

Other services may be requested for an additional fee.  Please discuss your group's needs with the Summer Housing Coordinator.